COVID-19 Vaccine Status: Not Available

We do not currently have the vaccine available.

Expected date of vaccination availability: Undetermined by Marion County

Phase: Please See OHA’s Phase List

Trusted COVID-19 Vaccine Resources


Our Current Status

  • Unclear when we will receive the COVID-19 Vaccine, waiting for direction by Marion County
  • We continue to offer COVID-19 testing onsite
  • We will communicate with patients as soon as we are notified we are receiving the vaccine
  • Please do not call to request to be:
    • Scheduled, added to a wait list, or to ask which phase you qualify for
  • Please do call:
    • To request an appointment to discuss if the COVID vaccine is appropriate for your unique health status
    • If you have COVID-like illnesses that need assessed


Once We Have the Vaccine

  • We will send immediate notification with instructions on:
    • How to determine if you qualify in the current phase
    • How to sign up for vaccination appointment
      • This will likely be a self-registration process during dedicated times


COVID-19 Vaccine Update from South Salem Primary Care

January 13th, 2021

Dear South Salem Primary Care Patients, Family, and Friends,

We continue to work closely with Marion County and state health officials to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to our clinic. As you have likely heard, the vaccine program in Oregon is changing weekly and looks to speed up with the Governors announcement yesterday that a new community member phase will start January 23rd that includes essential workers and those 65+.

It is unclear at this time when we will receive vaccines to administer, but as soon as we know, we will send another communication. For now, please visit our website for up-to-date information regarding our COVID-19 vaccine status. At this time, please do not call to schedule or to be screened for determining which phase you qualify for.

The Oregon Health Authority is focusing initial distributions to hospitals, so our clinic is not yet slated to receive the vaccine until those programs have been fully supplied. Marion County and Polk County are currently coordinating with Salem Health Hospital to offer larger scale vaccine programs – click here to find this information.

Our team is here to care of you. If you need us, we are here for you, so please do not delay or postpone care. We offer great telehealth and often same day appointments. Thank you for being our patient.

To learn more about the vaccines, here are some additional resources:

-Your South Salem Primary Care Team